Programs and Services

The frienDS Program is a volunteer initiative designed to help support social connections and relationship skills through peer mentoring while enjoying varied recreational activities.  Volunteers and individuals with Down syndrome meet monthly for a group social activity such as sporting events and bowling, movie or restaurant outings.

Aging Issues Forum

The Aging Issues Forum offers support to family members and caretakers regarding aging issues that affect persons with Down syndrome. It’s sponsored by the Mile High Down Syndrome Association, the Alzheimer Association of Colorado and the Denver Adult Down Syndrome Clinic. Free bi-monthly meetings are held that include pertinent presentations by expert speakers covering a variety of aging related topics, followed by a group of discussion and support.

DS-Autism Connection

The DS-Autism Connection is the collaborative initiative of the Mile High Down Syndrome Assoication (MHDSA) fiscal agents the Denver Adult Down Syndrome Clinic, and the Autism Society of Colorado. Additional support is provided by dynamic experts in the field from JFK Partners, The Children’s Hospital – Denver, and the National Down Syndrome Congress.

Those benefitting from the DS-Autism Connection include Colorado parents, guardians, caregivers, educators, health care providers, service coordinators, clergy, and others, providing care to children and adults with the DS-ASD dual diagnosis and/or complex behaviors.

Down Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (autism) are both equal opportunity disabilities – meaning that anyone, anywhere, regardless of race, creed or socio-economic status, can have a child with either condition. Down Syndrome occurs once in every 733 live births, making it the most commonly occuring chromosomal condition.